Ensuring College Readiness and Academic System Alignment for All Students

A Tactical Guidebook

Cross-sector partnerships are essential to helping students prepare for college. In an effort to support these collaborations, the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), supported by Lumina Foundation, developed this tactical guidebook to explain how communities work towards greater academic alignment and increase college readiness for underserved students.

Use this guidebook to learn more about how different communities navigate The Pathway to College for their most underserved students and how you could adopt these practices and tools in your own communities.

Chapter 1:

Develop Students’ Aspiration for College.

Chapter 2:

Offer High-Quality College-Readiness Curriculum.

Chapter 3:

Deliver Learning Outside the Classroom.

Chapter 4:

Increase Financial Awareness and Readiness for College.

Chapter 5:

Guide Students Through the College Admissions Process.

Chapter 6:

Create On-Ramps to Get Back on the College Track.

Chapter 7:

Ease the Transition to College.