Aligning Postsecondary Education and Workforce Strategies to Drive Attainment

The Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), supported by Lumina Foundation, developed this tactical guidebook to explain how community sectors can effectively collaborate to help students prepare for success in today’s workforce. Use this guidebook to learn more about how different communities prepare underserved students for the local job market and how you could adopt these practices and tools to eliminate barriers to high-quality employment in your own community.

  • CHAPTER 1:

    How can local industries and postsecondary institutions prioritize learning?

  • CHAPTER 2:

    How can communities align student skills with workforce needs?

  • CHAPTER 3:

    How can communities work with postsecondary institutions to find affordable options for continuing education?

  • CHAPTER 4:

    How can communities use data for continuous improvement strategies?

  • CHAPTER 5:

    How can communities use advising to improve workforce readiness?